Price it for a Competitive Market

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Market Trends

The real estate market in Northern California is seeing varying activity depending on the counties, cities, neighborhoods and homes. This issue of Market Watch is a strong indicator of this shifting dynamic. Competitively-priced homes in any range are expected to sell steadily and swiftly, and properties under $750K are not sitting on the market for long. The sub-$750K homes are also seeing tighter inventories than higher-priced homes.

With additional inventory expected to appear over the coming days and weeks of summer, buyers who have been waiting for new listings will be competing for homes that are priced right and primed to sell. Sellers testing the market with listing prices above the competitive range will see their homes sitting longer, and the perception among buyers will be unfavorable. It’s critical even in this market to list at the right price for the county, city, neighborhood and home. Now more than ever, sellers and their agents need to be mindful in determining a listing price.

Hot markets like San Francisco will continue to experience more buyers competing for less properties, which will drive up closing prices significantly in desirable communities. Here’s what was happening in the North Bay:

North Bay has seen a market favoring sellers, driven by demand and an increase in sales activity. Areas such as Marin saw homes going 15-22 percent over asking price. With approximately 365 available properties, only 65 are listed under $1 million. Although Santa Rosa Bicentennial had an increase in sales activity, it also experienced a slowdown in offers.  The development indicates that the trend is home-specific in this area as opposed to a market indicator.