Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

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As a first-time buyer, you need to be informed about every step of the home-buying process. Use these tips to make your search and transaction run smoothly.

1) Define your needs versus your wants. Before beginning your home search, determine what it is that you and your family truly need in a new home. It is important to prioritize needs over wants.

2) Get Pre-approved. Having a pre-approval for your mortgage in hand will give you strength in negotiating and demonstrate you are a serious buyer. Ask your Realtor about Coldwell Banker's mortgage programs.

3) Investigate the neighborhood. Take the time to research the schools and neighborhood activities before you decide on a home. You can find community information and highlights on Also, check on local codes and building restrictions for the area. You may be surprised at what you can and cannot do to your own home.

4) Insist on a professional home inspection. Investing a small amount of time and money into a home inspection can save you from numerous headaches down the road. Coldwell Banker's Concierge program can refer you to inspectors in your area.

5) Get help with the details. Coordinating the many details of a move can be overwhelming for even the most experienced homebuyers. Whether it is arranging tours, researching neighborhoods, or even contacting the right movers, an experienced and full-service Realtor can help you with every step of the homebuying process.